Diabetes UK London to Paris Bike Ride


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London to Paris Bike Ride
234 miles
Friday 04 September 2015 - Monday 07 September 2015


London and Paris
Contact: Lynsey at lynsey.hughes@diabetes.org.uk
Phone: 0345 123 2399

From London we cycle through the beautiful English countryside via the North Downs and onto Portsmouth, where we cross the channel to the French port city of Caen.
For the next two days our route takes us through the rolling hills of rural France and into its vibrant capital.
Our finish line is the mighty Eiffel tower in Paris where we celebrate our achievements.

Registration Info
  • £15 entry fee
  • £1400 target sponsorship
For you
  • A Diabetes UK cycle jersey (the best-looking one out there)
  • Lots of fundraising support
  • Fully trained staff to support you along the route



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£1400 target sponsorship. What are the consequences of not hitting that target? Does the rider have to pay the shortfall? I didn't spot that on the website and some riders have had bad experience of such targets.

Is this organised by diabetes UK or some tour operator?

Is there a helmet rule?

Are diabetics and similar conditions allowed to compete and are they penalised by needing to obtain medical certificates and purchase loaded travel insurance?

Actually, why aren't all the above common questions on the website?


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Hi There
We always want our fundraisers to achieve their target as the charity relies on money from fundraisers to continue it's work. We are on hand to offer lots of fundraising support right up to the challenge itself. There is also a deadline of 12 weeks after the event to send any remaining funds in. We can extend this if needs be. We cannot impose that supporters make up the remainder of the money themselves although they are often surprised when they start fundraising at how achievable the target can be.

All people with Diabetes are allowed to compete and most of those that do take part have Diabetes. They will need to obtain their own insurance but don't need to provide a medical certificate.

Helmets must be worn throughout the challenge although there is no specific rule on which type of helmet.

The event is organised by a tour operator called Action Challenge who have many years of experience offering this type of challenge.

Good point about the FAQ's we can certainly build this into our website!


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
Didn't think that you would get an answer @mjray
It speaks well that they did answer most of them, doesn't it?

I don't feel the consequences of declaring "I guarantee to raise a minimum of: £1400" at registration has been explained. Guarantee?

But I'm out anyway for reasons which are probably obvious (don't wear helmet, have problems getting insurance, dislike private tour operator involvement) so I'll leave it there.


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How much of that £1400 is for the costs of the trip, and how much of it does to the charity?

I have a personal dislike of sponsoring people to do an event like this that they would do anyway, unless (as a few friends of mine have done) they make it very clear that they are paying their own way, and that all sponsorship goes to the charity.


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Hello, around £600 of the minimum sponsorship will go towards the event costs. We always ask our fundraisers to be transparent when they are asking for donations but do understand if you don't wish to sponsor people in this manner. Please just drop me a direct email if you have any further questions. My email address is at the top of the thread. Thanks
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