Diamondback Mountain Bike!

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by £Josh D, 10 Apr 2010.

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    Hey, this is a 2008 diamondback hardtail mountain bike. It was bought in December 2008 for £260 and has been a reliable bike ever since and still is. It hasnt been locked away it has been used quite a lot and i have never had problems with it, such as faulty brakes etc, No problems at all.
    I am currently waiting to buy a road bike however the money from this is needed in order to make the purchase of my new bike. I am not desperate to get rid of this therefore i am not going to be accepting stupidly low offers.
    It does have scratches however It provides a smooth and comfortable ride everytime causing your cycle to be enjoyable. It has Shimano Gears, Shimano Chainring and the brakes and all the other functions of the bike work correctly. However i am not sure of the exact model and i cannot find an exact match on the internet.
    All offers are welcome, please offer in private messages thanks, ;) (bottle rack and Cycle computer are not included. black wire on forks is computer cable and will be removed along with cable ties before sale) feel free to ask questions i will do my best to answer.
    Pictures are here as for some reason i couldnt attach them again.
    Thanks :ohmy:
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