Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
mr_hippo said:
Has anyone ever noticed that some common English words are missing from dictionaries? I am not talking about complicated technical words but words like 'gullible'.
Are you waiting for someone to look it up to see how gullible they are ??

:ohmy: :angry: :sad:

Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Brock said:
Noodley ma snigger whaddup yo?

Hmm good point, I could change it for 'chortle'?
That could well inflame the hortles though.
(The hortles were the vertically challenged diminutive people in the famous film Wally Winka and The Horse Glue factory, on TV over Xmas)

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
Elmer, my horse is off to see his solicitor.
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