Did it first time !!


middle of nowhere in France
My aim whilst staying here was to cycle up Jack Ass Lane in Keston, thinking it was a long steep hill. Tried this morning and apart from a short breather just before the top, i made it !!!! Cycled to town, what is it with these cycle lanes, I saw white line about 6 inches from curb, was i supposed to try and cycle in that ? somebody beeped at me and i thought it was because i wasnt in the white line. when i did see cycle lanes they were all potholes and drains, how do you lot manage?
Feeling quite confident about going on the roads now:bicycle:
I do have to remember to cycle on the 'wrong' side though:eek:


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That close to the edge, they may well be marking the edge of the lane. Easier do either side than down the centre.
Just try to beat your time up the same incline, and more important enjoy yourself.


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Jack Ass Lane is not that bad, as you said, just the bit near the church. However if you do want to test yourself. A couple of miles away in Downe past the village and the farm is Downe Road.
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