Did you ever wonder how you get triangles from a cow?

Is this the HMHB takeover? Should irk the purists....:thumbsup::blush:
Chuffy said:
You need Goth on your side......
HMHB - Half Man Half Biscuit :blush:

OK. This is a follow on from your 'Goth's rejoice' thread isn't it. That's not a question, don't answer, I'm out my depth and off to find a thread I understand.


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I always wondered, which Half?



Those who don't know might think this is a strange form of Mornington Crescent. Anyway, the Four Lads from the Wirrel are at Rock City Notts soon, I just need to find someone to go with, Mrs C is unimpressed and none of my local mates have ever heard.

Just off to find my Joy Division Oven Gloves.:eek:
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