Dieppe to Paris in 12 hours


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Hi friends! We are 4 friends who are all very much amateur road cyclists, aiming to raise decent money for charity and cycle from Salisbury to Paris in 36 hours. The route from Salisbury to Newhaven is fairly straightforward but the route from Dieppe to Paris seems more complex. We ride at the end of August! There is the Avenue Verte and Donald Hirch’s famous route but these are not necessarily fast routes (Apparently!). Has anyone done this before? We don’t just want to be on boring A roads all the time but equally don’t want to take forever to get there. At the moment I have three slightly different GPX routes ready, which tend to follow Hirch’s route but these differ from each other a little so we’re keen to reach out and see what experience people have. Thanks in advance! Glad to be on the forum.
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