Difference between Tempo and Flyer?


London, UK
Condor tempo I can pick the parts I want. But suppose I keep them kind of low end of the options list, the fully built bike comes out around £1400. A Alyer is half that price.

The differences I see are:
Different steel, "better" frame.
The low end xomponecom from the condor options list are probably a lot better than those on Flyer (I say "better" subjectively).
Any other differences?

How do you remove the rear wheel on a bike that has horizontal dropouts and mudguards fitted?


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South Manchester
You have the 'safety clips' on the rear as well as the front, so you pop the mudguard stays out of the clips, then the guard flexes enough to get the wheel out. No issues with the guard sustaining this, as my 'fixie' is 7 years old, and had plenty of 'wheel removals' - I say 7, was used for 7 years. It's been hung up for the last 3, so it's 10. Crikey, that went fast.
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