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I ride with the CTC I have got to know the group well and enjoy going out with them and enjoy the type of riding they do long and steady

And here is the but I never thought I would say this as I've only been cycling just about a year with a lay off over winter and gave up smoking again about 2.5 months ago and I am finding that the rides are a little slow even if I go off with the faster / longer group. I tend only to ride to elvenses due to family commitments and have been putting in an 18 mile quicker loop pre the sunday morning meet to get me hurting by the end of the ride. If I go with the regular group (granted they do about 60 miles all day) the pace is even worse

The funny thing is there are blokes there who would spit me out the back without even trying as I do not consider myself to be particulalrly fast nor particulalrly fit.

There is a bike club a bit further away from me "Essex Roads" they seem to have a race bias I do not really want to race as I deem myself too old and unfit and TBH it seems too daunting however they do seem to cater for a wide variety of riders. All my mates are coach potatoes or golfers as they like to call themselves so I have no one involved in cycling to go out with at a slightly higher pace. The only experience I have had of Essex Roads has been from riders who joined the CTC because they were too fast (even in the novice group)

Anyone know anything about em ?
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