Dinotte 200L AA

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SOLD - Dinotte 200L AA

Now sold,thanks for looking
Dinotte 200L AA
This is the latest 2008 version with the Cree LED, 200 lumens, hence the name. It runs off 4 AA bateries, not included.
I bought this direct from Dinotte in their weekend sale a couple of weeks ago and it arrived last Thursday. It cost £59 inc post and customs charged £24 VAT and handling, so total was £83.
The kit contains the same as those from UK stockists, except it didn’t come with a helmet mount. To be clear the kit contains;
Light head with 12” cable and rubber band fitting.
Spare rubber band.
Two battery holders.
Battery pouch with Velcro strap.
Velcro cable tidy.

I won’t spend too much time describing the light, if you don’t already know about them there’s plenty of online reviews, so it’s worth a Google. I’ve used it once, for a three hour ride last night, so it’s as new. It was a bit of an impulse buy and doesn’t add anything to my already excellent lights, certainly not enough to get used.

The best UK price is £99.99 inc postage from Chain Reaction.
I was glad to have tried it, but am hoping not to take too big a loss…
£75 inc postage
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