Direct Mount Brakes

Hi, Can anybody tell me if direct mount brakes are as good as disc brakes for winter riding, I am looking at buying a new winter bike and would prefer to stick to rim brakes if possible, direct mount look just the job but I don't know anybody who has them.


An Peanut
Depends what you mean by as good - for me they don't have as good modulation and they don't stop your rims being destroyed, so they are worse than discs. I could see some direct mount brakes getting far more road dirt being thrown on them compared to a standard rim brake.


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Each has their fans. Some of us even like both.
Rim brakes have been around for 100 years, for a reason, well set up rim brakes work well in all weathers.
Disc brakes work well, in all weathers, even better in the wet.
I like rim brakes for a nice, long, dry leisure ride.
Disc brakes for the commute and wet weather riding. And as Milkfloat mentioned above, no eating of wheel rims, of which I used to go through a pair of rims every 18 months or so.


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Depends on use. If doing loads of stop start commutes in all weathers, then discs are less expensive in the medium term.

What use do you have for the winter bike ? My road bikes are all rim, even the commuter is rim.

Bike Tyson

The bike will be used for hilly winter leisure rides, it will either be Disc or Caliper, no more canti brakes!
Would prefer Caliper brakes to keep all my bikes the same but if I do go disc will probably go down the Gravel bike route.
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