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There are two makes I have spotted so far, Bicygnals which have signals at the front and rear of the bike and Signal Pod which is the cheaper but only signals at the rear.

Both are wireless control from the handlebars.

As anyone fitted these or know another brand, and what do you think of them.


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I doubt these indicators would be as visible as my extended arm, so will not be buying them. :sad:


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I am sorry but I would liked responces that were based on knowlege of the type of product I asked about from purchase or use of the indicaters.

It seems you just dont like the idea of them full stop, ok but that does not help me or answer my question.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
You did say "what do you think of them".

As far as I can tell they're a solution in search of a problem.


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I am sorry but I would liked responces that were based on knowlege of the type of product I asked about from purchase or use of the indicaters.

It seems you just dont like the idea of them full stop, ok but that does not help me or answer my question.
Ok long considered and non p***takey answer.

I've never used them but have looked closely and considered the merits of indicators in the past. I've also googled the 2 you mention to have a look, but if I'm honest, buying a pair so I'm justified to comment in your eyes is a step too far :-)

Think how close they will be together on the bike and how unlikely it is that drivers will be able to genuinely differentiate between some more odd little blinky light in the middle of the bike compared to directional indicators on a car, remember indicators are ingrained into the psyche as part of a car and they live on the corners some 6+ feet apart so it is a no brainer what it means and which direction the flashy light is talking about on a big tin box, not so on a bike.

Also there's any number of permutations of white, blue, yellow, red, green etc lights that adorn bikes and orange pedal relectors on some. As has already been stated, they're an exceedingly unusual addition to a bike, drivers won't expect a cycle to indicate with lights and in all likliehood, 99.99% won't have a clue that is the intention of them, thus making them gimmicky, counter intuitive and far more likely to get you knocked about on the road than a £3 yellow reflective slap band around the wrist to highlight an outstretched arm and/or gloves with some sort of indicator/arrow decoration on the backs.

Another consideration is how much clutter you want on your frame and bars,

Lastly, whilst we all love a good fettle and the opportunity to play with our toys in the kitchen of an evening, it does seem to be adding something that could well go wrong (particularly in the wet) and is in such a position on the bike that you may well not know about it until you're having a slanging match with a driver because you think you've indicated but in reality nothing has happened and s/he gone up your a**e.

if you really are determined to have a punt, the Winkku, mirror/indicator combo may be the best bet, they're as far apart as it's possible to get on a bike and in your line of sight and by the sound of this youtube - you'd hear the things too


I have no vanity over the Miss Marple look of my bikes, ride moustachio'd bars and would not think of riding without a mirror but even I'd baulk at these TBH not just because I wouldn't give indicators the time of day but frankly they are pig ugly.


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The issue is separation from the centre line. The ones I've seen fitted, sorry can't remember the maker, were very narrow. Given motorists don't expect you to have a flashing turn indicator they are likely to assume it's just another attempt at making your presence seen. For me a hand signal is unequivocal as it is obvious to even the most dozy driver you are about to do something other than proceed ahead. That said they may chose to ignore you anyway.


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A mate at work had the Bicygnals ones. They worked fine for about two weeks, then stopped communicating with each other so only the front indicators would work. He used them as normal lights for about 12 months when they suddenly decided to co-operate again.

However, when they were working, he often used to turn up at work puzzled as to why drivers had beeped at him when he went to turn. We told him time and again that the lights were working fine but car drivers dont expect bikes to have indicators. He's still got them but I think he only uses them as lights nowadays. I personally would only use them in combination with a positive hand signal.
Very few people fit them for the reasons pointed out above. No-one is taking the mick, just giving their opinions, some more succinctly then others I'll grant you ;)

Only you can decide it they are a worthwhile investment. Then perhaps you could post a real life user review for all and sundry to absorb and digest :thumbsup:

FWIW I won't fit them to any of my bikes, again for the reasons already stated.

I did once fit THESE to my commuter, and TBH I don't think they had any effect what so ever in terms of drivers behaving any differently towards me. Then they started acting up so they were returned for a full refund.


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The neatest ones I have seen are the Tacx Lumos (road bike only - they replace the bar end plugs), but IMO they are only useful as additional/emergency lights, and the indicator function is not very useful for the reasons outlined in many posts above.
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