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This is my first post on the Forum so bear with me!

I am a disabled cyclist - I have no right hand. I am a keen cyclist and have just acquired a Giant CRS 1 Hybrid bike. I have cycled previously, but that was when gear controls were much simpler to use and consisted of just one lever.

As with all bikes, the controls on the right hand side cause me problems - I am not helpless and try to adapt wherever possible. However - I really want to have the bike adapted to me rather than me have to adapt to the bike.

At the moment, the right hand gear lever has been turned upside down and I can manage, but its not ideal. Similarly, I can use the right hand brake but again not ideal. And, while I am pushing my luck, in an ideal world I could do with the handlebars being raised on the right hand side by a few inches to stop me being lop-sided when sat in a riding position.

Is there anybody out there who has had experience of dealing with this type of disability and doing bike alterations?

I find that when I ask around bike dealers say it 'might' be possible to do something but they are never sure about whether it will work and I don't fancy having my bike ruined if it cannot be done.

Is there anybody out there with experience who can help ?

For information, I am based in North Cheshire.

Thank you.


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Contact Hilldodger ...

and Welcome:smile:


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welcome to the forum

Have a word with Mike Burrows
as I have limited use of my right hand he fitted a brake lever on the left side of handlebars which pulls on both front and back brakes at the same time
and as for your needs regarding handlebars Mike does make his own, so there will
no problems adjusting for you

Cheers BMR
There is a blogger here who might be able to put you in touch with some contacts. She's based in Sheffield, and while she isn't missing a hand, from what I can remember of her blog she may know some people who can help with non-standard bikes - and perhaps some of them will know how to adapt your 'standard' bike to your needs?
I'm a disabled cyclist as well as I'm missing my left arm.
So I need a bit more adaptions than you to be safe.
I got the boys from http://www.icetrikes.co.uk/ to mod one of their trikes for me.
Both shifters are on my right, both front brakes are worked off the same level, no worries about balance, etc, etc.
The downside is it can be an expensive option buying a recumbent trike.

Luck ......... :smile:

No advice just a warm welcome
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