Never got out on my bike this morning ;)- all bunged up with a bad head cold and sore throat. Still, I managed to get some bits and pieces done to my bikes and also got the car washed (1st time for 4 weeks). However what has surpriesed me is that this is the first Sunday for nearly 6 months that I haven't been out for a run on my bike:ohmy:. Hoping to get a couple of bike commutes in this week though
This was the first Sunday this year I went out on my bike in the morning. I usually do not cycle on a Sunday. ;)


More serious cyclist than Bonj
I always find it nice to go out when i have a bad cold. The snot loosens up and the nose soon clears and you can breath normally. :biggrin:
I went out today, and hit "the wall" on my way back. The hill i live on seems to get steeper. :biggrin:
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