Disappointing C+ review


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I learn all I need to about lights on here. My C+ came through the door yesterday and it has a light review. Great, I think, now I can get a good comparison.

But what do you get? A load of photos of lights pointing directly ahead and lighting up signs at set distances. Sorry, but I don't care about lighting signs up. Street lights do that. I want to know how much ground the lights can show me in front and how fast I can ride with them. POINT THEM AT THE FLOOR!! And comments like "could be brighter" for the Dinotte are no help at all. Brighter than what? How much brighter?

And it's reassuring to know that there's a lot of talk about Ayups on here and other forums. They look pretty good and are a set I'm considering. You'd think that bike magazine reviewers would have an idea of what cyclists are talking about, and patch into that rather than closing their eyes and sticking their finger on a list of lights.

Rant over.
Is that a Yorkshire brand?
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