Disc brake issue



On my last ride I had a issue with my mechanical disc brake not releasing on my cyclecross.

When I pulled the lever the brake worked ok (bit soft) but when I went to pull it almost immediately after the lever had no resistance.

I’ve had a quick look today and on the calliper I can see the pad moves ok but takes a few seconds to release, even though the lever has released ok



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Can you tell whether it is the cable or the brake itself that is sticking?

If it is the cable, then either the outer housing is worn or gunged up.


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I think it’s the cable so could be gunk, where should it be greased as well?

The inner casing of outer cables is steel so rust can build up quite quickly if you don't grease the cable. My local bike shop guy reckons it only takes about three months for rust to form inside cable runs if not treated.
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