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After some advice as I need to buy a rear disc for my daughter who is on BC Olympic Development Junior Academy. Coach has advised for Team Pursuit and IP the disc I am borrowing is not the best so another visit to my 'not so deep' pockets again. Am looking at a new Walker Brothers Revo Track Disc £785 or a new Fast Forward (according to1300 grams £863).
Also been advised by BC coach the best tyres to use are Vittoria Pista EVO CL Corespun
Any advice or feedback on performance would be appreciated.



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Check with the BC coaches whether any discount might be available buying through a retailer like Dolan or Brooks, or maybe others. There probably isn't much to distinguish between either Walker or FFWD, although I'm sure the manufacturers would disagree. Certainly those two wheels are squarely in the 'best VFM' stakes, when compared to Mavic or Corima stuff, which tends to be a bit (or a lot) more.

Tyre choice depends a lot on where you will be riding. Pistas are obviously great for indoor, but can be a bit fragile for outdoor use, depending on the condition of the track. Road tubs are a good compromise if you are riding both.

Also worth adding that the FFWD wheel in the pic has now been superceded by a new wheel with updated graphics and an 'updated' (ie higher) price. So check if they have them in stock, as if they haven't then it's possible PBK might not be able to do them at that price. I could be wrong though.

Edited to add that for TP and IP, a rear disc is (literally) only half the story. Your daughter will be up against riders with front disc, or 5/4/3-spoke or deep section front as well. So it's also worth considering what the rear disc will be paired with for these events (and again, indoor or outdoor will make a difference to selection). You might not want to hear this, as it may mean more expense ;)
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Very much appreciate your feedback.
BC will lend Kinga the front disc or 5 spoke. I have a borrowed one for the moment anyway.
Looks like ill go for the Walker. They support Huba althougth with top of range stuff, and UK company so would be good to support them. Cheers
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