Discount Garmin Edge 1000 and Wiggle Pricematch - result


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I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it.


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I have been thinking of picking up the performance bundle from discount de.

It seems they do the performance bundle a lot cheaper than wiggle as they are selling it for 453 euros and wiggle 439 pounds.

Only thing is VAT on the de one but still a lot cheaper. Would wiggle match it?


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They price matched it for me. Shame my garmin1000 keeps crashing. My 800 seems more reliable

That's not good, not worth the saving if it actually doesn't work well.

I have been looking at 810 as well, but liked the 1000 due to the bigger screen as I'm long sighted so the bigger the better.

Hmmmm, much to ponder now


My 810 was useless. Randomly stopped measuring ascent. Kept on changing data fields. Sent it back to Wiggle for a refund. Downgraded to 500 .
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