Disk wheels clicking under load


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bought a new bike the other day and been running lovely.

swapped out he wheels for the ones on my racer and noticed a clicking has appeared when pedalling under load (usually uphills at gradients over 4%).

clicking wasn’t there until I swapped the wheels over, so definitely something related to them

Any ideas please?


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Possibly the calipers need aligning to suit the discs on your new wheels, loosen the fixing bolts on the calipers, apply the brake and resecure the bolts.


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Possibly worth tightening the skewers a little more. I had a similar experience on a new carbon bike last year, bike was due it's first service, so mentioned it at the lbs & it was just the rear skewer needed to be tighter :blush:


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The click I had was due to loose spokes that rubbed against each other when under load.

The wheels were crap (for this and other reasons), so ended up replacing them as could never really solve.

Could maybe test/eliminate by either pinching pairs of spokes together to check tension/replicate the noise or by checking if they only do it when dry. When mine were wet, they didn't make the noise
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