Do all childseats need panniers? Help I'm a novice 😋


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I've just bought a Polisport bubbly maxi child seat for the rear of my bike and am in the middle of fitting it but it doesn't look sturdy. Then after a bit of research I found that I might need a pannier?
Halfords advisor said I don't, but I'm not sure?
Any advice greatly appreciated.


According to their website it "Fits bicycles with or without carriers."


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Used a similar design many years ago with my children - it didn't need a rack to support the child seat. My eldest used it with her children as well again no rack on bike to support.
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I can see how the mounting mechanism works and for this to be on sale in Halfords it must have all the necessary safety certificates. Would I buy and use one? No.

My concerns would be, in no particular order:
  • Very bouncy for the child
  • Potential stability issues for the rider due to bounce factor
  • If the clamp is not adequately tightened or loosens while riding the seat could hit the rear wheel
  • Potential for superficial damage at the clamping point
The child seats we used were fastened to the bottom of the seats stays in the same manner as a pannier rack.

It looks potentially dangerous to me and I would steer well clear of this type of design.
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We used a similar one for our children. They can be a bit bouncy, but the children seemed to enjoy that.
Same design as our Hamax. There's a school of.thought which suggests that the bouncy type give a better ride than the rack mount type, as they give a bit of suspension rather than transferring all the road bumps to the seat.
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