Do I need an anti-depressant?


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We are in very gloomy temporary accommodation having left our house to escape the partying neighbours, until we can move into the new house. As I type this we are back down at our house doing some more packing and I am almost paralysed with stress at the prospect of the neighbours arriving to run around their garden shouting and screaming. I am only getting 2-3 hours a night sleep as I usually wake at about midnight then the rest of the night is fitful dozing in between trips to the bathroom, about 5 times between midnight and eight.

I will be asking the GP to check for a urinary infection on Monday and am wondering what people's experience has been with pharmaceutical help for the bad sleep and the depression. I seem to remember somebody posting on here that it was marvellous and made a huge difference.


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Surely its for a medical professional to asess you and prescribe rather than us randoms on the Internet.


One of the side effects of a SSRI anti depressant such as Citalopram is that is can do the opposite of what you want and make you wide awake rather than help you become sleepy and also has other side effects which can be positive or negative in the sexual department depending on how you perform; particularly in relation to speed.


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The quality of the antidepressant is important. Some cost the NHS pennies while others costs pounds. Cheaper antidepressants like amitriptyline come with a whole host of side effects. Talk with your GP and see what they suggest and if the doctor decides to prescribe an antidepressant make a point of asking what the side effects are.


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It sounds like you need something to address your mood but not necessarily pharmaceutical in nature.

I think SSRIs affect different people in different ways; I know examples from both sides of the fence regarding their effacacy - personally I'm not a fan. Bear in mind also that most aren't a short-term fix (several weeks to build up to an effective dose) so are potentially not a viable answer to a short-term problem.

I'd perhaps be more open to the idea of medication for sleep; but beware benzos can be addictive. I got prescribed Diazapam for a muscular problem years ago and is was reeeeeeeeeeealy nice at taking killing the work-based anxiety I was suffering at the time.

Ultimately as others have said best to bounce it off your doctor, but be aware that they also have agendas and shortcomings so go in eyes open.


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I used to have similar issues with neighbours back in 2007. I started sleeping with ambient noise such as a fan. I can't hear anything other than the gentle woosh noise of the fan and i tell you, i had the best nights sleep until i moved...

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I'm sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time.

My experience is that anti-depressants were helpful when I was completely stuck in a black place. As others have said they have side effects, but when I needed them these effects really didnt seem important.

From your words it sounds as if you are taking big steps to improve your life, and I hope those changes help you feel better soon rather than medication.

Best wishes.


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Thanks all for the advice. You're all right of course.


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I went through depression over 10 years ago & was prescribed Citalopram from the doc, It seemed to work along with a change in diet & counselling, I'm not sure if or all helped, but within a short time frame I felt much better & after a month or so I began to realise how 'low' i'd got. I did use St John's Wort for a while & that helped too, but everyone is different & you need to find what helps you & bear in mind the side effects to any medication. I was fine on Citalapram, but when I came off it I had dizzy spells for around 2 weeks :sad:


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I've taken aniti depressants twice before in my life, I don't think they worked that well for me and the side effects were not very good. I would urge anyone to try to find a counsellor that they gel with before taking any meds. They can help some people, but I'd say they are something of a last resort


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There's an important difference between clinical depression (as defined by ICD 11) and feeling low and stressed in the short term due to common life events.
You should discuss this with your GP or other health care professional. You could try completing the Beck Depression Inventory to get an idea of how serious your low mood is.
I would be struggling if I were in your situation, and it's good that you're seeking solutions already.
As you can already see from the replies here, it may or may not be helpful to try an AD, so all you can do is take advice and give it a try.
Good luck, and keep us posted as to how you get on.


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A Glock 9mm with silencer should cut out the noise and the remove the need to move. Just remember to dig the holes at night prior to using the Glock.

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