Do you live or work in Rutherglen or Cambuslang? (Active travel survey)


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From GoBike!, the cycle campaign organisation for Glasgow and surrounding areas:

Consultation Extra: South Lanarkshire, Do you live or work in the Rutherglen or Cambuslang area? Please complete this survey by 10 June.

Maybe one for our @Pat "5mph" ?

The team at South Lanarkshire Council especially want to know people’s preferences for early priorities and for a core route from the south (East Kilbride) to the north-west (Glasgow Road).
Please share this information and do please complete the survey.

Pat "5mph"

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I think I did this one already, will have a look though to make sure.
Because I'm a GoBike member I feel like I did it from their FB page a while back.
Cheers for the reminder!
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