Do you use a photo processing web-site for personalised cards?


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I have been looking at the on-line services by Boots for getting personalised birthday or greetings cards made. It looks like the cards are printed on glossy card and are supplied with envelopes.

I am thinking of trying out this service. Have you tried Boots for this, or any other similar website? The website would need to be very straight-forward to use. ;)

Also, if I would like to get some memory cards for my digital camera, can anyone suggest a good place to get good quality ones, like Scandisk or Olympus?

Thank you for your help.

Alan Whicker

Senior Member is good for memory cards. They always have loads of offers on.

(By the way - I won't touch Lexar cards after 2 let me down)

I use photobox a lot for card printing. Very good but might be a bit over your budget.
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