Does John Travolta cringe..


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Probably thinks he'd better shape up.

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I can't remember that film. Saturday Night Fever is a decent film though. Grease, is just complete sh1te to me though., even though Olivia was hot as mentioned previously in this thread....

I never pictured the guy as a real screen legend. I'm sure Face Off is much more of an embarrassment to him than this one. I remember liking it when it was first released. I watched a bit of it recently and I don't know what planet I was on. It looked like complete nonsense, and not good nonsense, like some stupid action films like Con Air are..


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I doubt if JT cringes. The film probably bought him a nice house on Malibu beach or a couple of airliners.


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He is proud because it is a great farking movie.

In the comments I found this gem: "when I saw this as a kid I asked my dad what happened to John Travolta when he faded away and he said he went to hell."
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