Does the posting of deaths on here


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Help or hinder the possibility of getting industry support for the video outlined in "Time For Action".
Asked because the number of postings of such deaths(HGV/Cyclists) seems to be on the increase. I haven't seen a similar increase in the number of car/cyclists deaths on here.

But every time I contact anyone within the HGV/Transport industry for help I point them here, in order that they can see that we are being genuine. IF all they see is another "cyclist killed by hgv" will it not put of the industry that we want to try & get the support off.


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It always looks bad because just about every cycling fatality in the UK gets reported on here.

From the government statistics that means about 4 a week on average. Bad, but on the bright side it would have looked far far worse if CC had been around 30 or 40 years ago.

The HGV situation relative to cars is another matter.
I don't think it helps anything. Every time a cyclist is killed by any other vehicle, someone starts a mawkish "RIP, cyclist down" thread. I think the net result is to make cycling appear far more dangerous than it actually is and to reinforce our "victim" mentality. We didn't start similar threads on the truckers' forum I used to visit whenever a lorry driver died on the motorway, and I don't really understand why we feel the need to do it here.


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hi classic

I think if we do work with haulage companies - then the campaign slogan of this lorry has a crush on you would need to be changed - basically from a HGV comp perspective they would be highlighted purely as the party to blame - and of course this isn't about blame. Marketing friend mentioned this to me ages ago.

Don't give up mate - keep going.

As for the Mentioning of deaths- it's a difficult one RT- I agree that it makes cycling seem very dangerous when it isn't but it can serve as a support community function for forummers.


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At present though it could be taken by the industry that we are out to blame them. Educate all sides.

Iv'e seen car drivers get caught out by a left turning LGV that had moved to the right, to make the turn.

Slogan wise, could the word "has" be put at the beginning. Thereby forming a question in the mind of the reader?


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The same thing happens on kayaking forums when someone drown, to me it is a wake up call reminding us that we all need to take care and not to be so complacent


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classic, keep up the good work. It might be beneficial if you try get on the good side of 1 of the large haulage firms such as Stobarts. Once you get them on board it should be easier to make it nation wide.

I'll give my mate a poke who works for Stobarts to see if I can get you some contact details for someone who can actually make a won't be soon though as he's currently working with McLaren F1 (another story......lucky bugger ;))
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