Does this change anything?

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It seems that any review would be focusing on ensuring roads are gritted in a consistent manner, rather than directly improving cyclists' safety which was the point initially raised by Chris Ruane (at least according to the article.) I am, therefore, sceptical that anything truely benificial to cyclists would come of this. However, consistently gritted roads may enable drivers to continue driving in an inappropriate manner with less fear of lossing control when road ice conditions change without warning.
THere is actually a similar argument against any gritting!

Drivers assume th road is gritted, and therefore safe. They drive "normally" and come unstuck at ungrited or poorly gritted surfaces.

If the roads are not gritted they have to think and adapt the driving.

Then again careful driving acording to the conditons isn't always a major feature of some driving styles


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Yes, there seems to be an underlying assumption that it's somebody else's job to mitigate all problems for drivers and that they aren't themselves responsible for anything. Childish.
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