does this second hand bike look ok?


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I have a 20mile commute to work, which for the last 3 years I've been doing on a ridgeback tempest. I'd like something more road responsive - with larger wheels, lighter etc. I've come across this bike which is being sold from a local second hand bike dealer in Brighton. In your opinion does it look ok, parts/wheels etc? I do have a habit of making bad choices, so would love to have any advice. Obviously I know that you can't make much of a judgement by only looking at a picture!

I would of course love to buy a brand new bike, I've had my eye on the Specialized Tricross Sport, but sadly don't have the funds :sad:

Also, I've come to realise that the gearing componentry is pretty important, but I'm slightly confused as to what system is better than another. Is Deore the standard or should I be looking at something better?

Sorry, two questions in one!

thanks for any help!


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I've got Deore on my commuter/mountain bike, it was a recent upgrade from the bottom of the range Shimano branded stuff. Deore is entry-level MTB drivetrain, that's not a bad thing; my LBS said that it's manufactured to a higher quality than the bog-standard stuff you find on most cheaper bikes. I'd be happy (and will be happy) commuting with Deore. The bike itself looks good, I'm assuming 501 is that the frame is made of Reynolds 501 tubing, this should yield a nice comfy ride. The tyres look good with the reflective side-wall (something I have on mine) and the wheels look quite light and bling! Have you been down to have a test-ride of it? It might also be worth taking your old bike and doing a weight comparison.
I'm guessing that the bike is for sale at G-Whizz bikes in Hove. I have had dealings with these folk and, in my opinion, they wouldn't have lasted long in such a bike-orientated city as B&H if they didn't prep their bikes properly. But still take it for a test-ride Joanna, it may not be your cup of tea. Try it along the seafront cyclepath and then up one of the inclines towards Western Road and see how it feels. As previously posted, Deore is decent enough kit for a commuter (I had it on my 1986 Ridgeback mtb and it was very reliable if looked after)
If your funds are that tight try to negotiated the price down a bit. You never know, they might have had it in stock for a while.


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Look over the bike with fine-tooth comb. Look for cracks and ripples in the frame and paintwork. This may be evidence of a previous prang.
Look at the bike from behind: are the front and rear wheels in line with each other?
Grab one of the cranks (the arm with the pedal on) and give it a wiggle, can you feel any play? there shouldn't be any.
Look at the wheels and give them a spin. Are they running true?
Wiggle the wheels from side to side: is there any play. There should be none.
Twist the handlebars from side to side. Does it feel tight or notchy? Should be neither.
Give the spokes a twang. Any loose?
Gears all change nice and slick: click click click?


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The 501 refers to the model number (the range is 101, 201, 301, etc). The frame is aluminium.

The model looks like a 2006-7 from the pic (specs here)

I have a couple friends who have discovery bikes, a 201 and a 401, both of them are happy with theirs, but if you are interested have a good look at the bike and check it's in decent condition.
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