Double Yellow line inside broken cycle lane


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Part of my commute has had double yellow lines painted today inside the cycle lane, even though the white lines are broken.

My understanding is:

Solid white cycle lane line = no vehicle parking

Broken line = legal vehicle parking

Double yellow line and broken white means?

Anybody else have this arrangement?

Dan B

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Solid vs broken lines control whether a (motor) vehicle may cross the line, not what it does when it gets there. So in your case cars are allowed to drive in the cycle lane but not to park in it.


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They may also load/unload (usually includes 5 mins absence time) drop people off, pick people up or more or less do anything as long as the driver is around.

You need double reds or a non-broken line. Otherwise the lane protection is pretty meaningless unless they actually hit you!


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The yellow lines are usually there to reinforce parking. It's not a perfect world, round here the earlier traffic wardens can physically get somewhere to give someone tickets is 9:30am. There are a whole host of things the wardens won't enforce.


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Thanks for the replies - the lane is less than 1.00m & has a double yellow line...
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