Dr Who - season 12

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I have not watched it, but I have enjoyed watching YouTube videos slagging it off. I have just been reading the Rotten Tomatoes comments about it. The critics rating is 80% while audience score is 14%, only the audience score keeps getting deleted by someone.


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Season 12?
I remember watching the very first episode in 1963.
Must be up to series 50+ by now, surely?


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I watched the New Year's day episode with Mrs_R, and afterwards she commented "I know I've just watched Dr Who, but what have I just watched??".

Unfortunately I know exactly what she meant....


Dr Who is like Cyclechat's "Any good jokes" thread. You keep watching/reading in the hope something good comes up but usually you're left utterly disappointed.

Except that tonight's episode was actually not bad at all. Plus one actor out-doctored another to the extent that they deserve the role full-time.


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Keep hoping it gets better, though the episodes I've seen for whatever reason (writing?) just don't seem to cut it, not funny enough, too many characters on screen, hope it gets better....


I watch now out of habit and in the hope that it might get better. Jodie Whitaker is good but the story lines and writing are poor. This evening‘s „we’re your friends, trust us - we’ll stand by you“ speech had me hiding behind the sofa for all the wrong reasons.
I would have loved it if the had cast an older actress in the role of the doctor.
Also there are far too many companions. Without the traditional dynamic of older male doctor/young naive female companion for him to explain everything to, they clearly don’t know who they should pair with a female doctor. So they have stuffed a whole bunch into the tardis - young, old, male and female to see which one works. None of them do.


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Totally agree That the "family" vibe is completely wrong for the series. I thought tonight's was better story wise and the Doctor could be good given half a chance with some decent scripts and get rid of the rest of them.

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I watched the new Doctor Who until the end of season 7, started watching season 8, and lost interest. As others have said, I think they stopped writing decent scripts.
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