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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
It's dragon fly season again out here (and probably many other places around the world as well) but on the way into this morning one of them flew into my mouth. Luckily it was too big to go right in and as I puffed out and spat immediately it was OK, but for me that's a first with a dragonfly. Anybody else had any really large insects getting into their mouths when on the bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Salford, UK
Ugh! But extra protein..

I was camping at an event once and we were sitting out in this field at twilight, watching the dragonflies swooping about. It was only after a minute or so I realised they were hunting - you could see them home in on a little midge or something, and imagine the 'gloop' as they swallowed it. I guess I knew birds and bats did it, but to see dragonflies doing it was something a bit different.


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No dragonflies. I inhaled a wasp once, which stung me in the soft palate. After a few minutes I realised I was not going to have to knock on doors gasping for an ambulance, and got home. Talked with a lisp for a week.
Not quite the same thing, really, in fact nothing like it at all :blush:, but I was having a slash in the woods at work the other day (I work on a golf course - not in an office) and a group of lady golfers walked passed.
Not wanting to be seen I stepped a bit further into the undergrowth only for a stinging nettle to make contact with my helmet (and no, I wasn't riding my bike) and, well, it stung like hell and then later it itched terribly. :ohmy::ohmy:
And I thought I'd learnt my lesson about putting myself about! :ohmy:


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South Manchester
Keep your mouths closed....... - I go too fast for that, scooping all the available air into my lungs as possible - just can't get enough in through the old hooter !
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