Draycote Water Ride


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Looks like another ride is a brewing, this time being put together by
[XAP]Bob on the CTC forum.

suggest either 25th April (13:00) or the 29th/30th May (Sunday lunchtime onwards Saturday anytime)

Assuming you can get on one

Rugby station is ~7 miles away, I'm happy to detour via there to collect people. Cycle from the station to* Draycote.

M6, M1, M45, A14 - Really easy!
Parking is £2 for the day (I think this is going up to £2.50 very soon), so you may want to park in either Rugby or Dunchurch and cycle over*, there will be a party moving that way to collect and guide you.

Road riding
Various places above I've suggested a road or cycle route options (or just put a * in place) I haven't yet cycled that particular route, but the roads aren't bad, I hit 40mph on my ancient machine going down there by road yesterday.
I'll have scoped the route in time, in case there is anyone unhappy about riding on a national limit road.

I will try and keep an eye on his thread to see what names are added.

Names attending so far are.
[XAP]Bob ancient Pete Ross trike + mods. Arriving by trike
, staying for pub.
TigerBiten (if first Sunday 25th)
CW (If Sunday 25th)
Plantfit (Sunday 25th)
3tyretrackterry (Sunday 25th)
Chonker (Sunday 25th)
Trickletreat (Sunday 25th)


You can pencil me in for the 25th, do we have a start time yet?
It will be good to meet up with you all again.



We have been away for a while so only just seen this....great idea to keep the rides coming.

We will be visiting Kevin at Dtek that weekend so should be able to join in on the sunday[25th] if everything works out on the Saturday!
I'm seeing Kevin this monday, 19th, so he can fettle the trike before my hols.
Looking at bearing and disk brakes.
Plus as its only 60-ish miles to Ely from here, I'm going to take a couple of days to get there and back and make it a practice run for my hols.

I'm going to be doing the same thing with this Draycote ride.
Pull the fully loaded trailer to get used to the extra weight.

Luck ............ ;)


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i dont know if i can make this ride.
i will be at the windmill ride this Saturday from carlton on Trent, it is about 22miles veteran cycle club and trike riders association, will be there so hope to see some nice old bikes. i might go on my very Early Peter Ross trike.


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17th April this year. The Start is at “The Great Northern” Pub, Ossington Road, Carlton on Trent, NG23 6NT, (O.S. Landranger Sheet 121; G.R. SK794643). Please park at the rear of the extensive car park alongside the London-Edinburgh railway. There is a children’s playground for younger participants.
Meet at 10.00 for a 10.30 departure.


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Hi all,

Sunday 25th it is - 1pm start (not sure how 11 am got into my original post over the way at CTC, think it must have been a saturday/sunday typo)

Meeting at the staff car park - details: http://forum.ctc.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=36178

If anyone wants a guide down from Rugby/Bilton/Dunchuch then PM me, and we'll make arrangements. Allows for somewhat cheaper parking (free)

"markg0vbr" said:
i might go on my very Early Peter Ross trike
How early? I believe mine to be circa. 1990-1993


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East Midlands UK
nice to see you all again Thank [XAP] Bob for running this one Was a good ride round and a very good track nice and fast if you wanted to be. Nigel i am jealous of your new ride looks a corker and rolls well to
Look forward to another meet soon


Now here's something you don't see every day!

Turned the bike park into a trike park!

And there were some many some ended up stacking up on the double yellows!

Jolly good fun, cheers all.
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