Drooling like mad over this


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Looks like they do a British Racing green, too.;) Oh god. I think I'm going to faint at its beauty, LOL!!

Been looking at a best-bike with a preference for British built and possibly steel (Ti would also be ok if they can paint the damn thing... the ONLY Ti bike that looks great natural is the Van Nichols imo:tongue:)


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That's a lovely looking thing all right.


Paul Heaton is using one for his pedals and pumps tour - in red and personalised. Very nice indeed.


Why do people need a bike like this when they can overtake me on a Brompton?;)


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I love the look of the touring bikes with full mudguards. i'm looking at getting one for the winter commuting. i am tempted by these.
Break a butterfly on a wheel

Well, I'm sure it has its points, but I don't think I'd want one. For a start someone seems to have stolen most of the spokes. And is that a saddle or a hatchet? Also, If you accidentally squashed a butterfly and one of its wings got jammed between that back tyre and the seat tube -instant skid. Finally, someone seems to have covered it with annoying advertising. If I wanted to be a mobile commercial-break I would get a job as a sandwich board man.

Fire-engine red is nice though. Maybe that's why it has a hatchet for a saddle . . . ;)
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