Drum brake problem on SA Elite VT hub

Discussion in 'Vintage and Classic Bikes' started by lpretro1, 28 Jul 2012.

  1. lpretro1

    lpretro1 Guest

    There is only a tiny bit of movement in the actuator arm with the cable disconnected and the brake seems to be binding a little. With cable connected the brake is very stiff when pulled (obviously becasue there is no movement at the arm) and the brake is very inefficient. Any ideas what may be causing this?
  2. sidevalve

    sidevalve Über Member

    Check the operating arm is free in the mounting plate. Check also that no grease / oil has found it's way into the brake.
  3. OP

    lpretro1 Guest

    As said in the post there is a tiny bit of movement in the operating arm only - like the brake is stuck on. it's coming to bits tomorrow for a look see as I think the cam or pivot may be corroded
  4. OP

    lpretro1 Guest

    Have removed brake unit from hub and it operates fine - no corrosion, cam and pivot operating fine. However, the unti seems a bit of a tight fit when you put it back - is it possible that the brake shoes may have swelled up - they have been kept in a damp place?
  5. geary

    geary Regular


    Excuse me for asking but how do you add photos?
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