DT Swiss wheel problems


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Hi just curious if anyone else has incurred problems my DT Swiss wheels (black) are snapping spokes and nipples:angry::biggrin:

Whilst purchasing replacement spokes and nipples from my local friendly bike emporium the saslesman remarked "it was always the black ones" please no bnp comments

I think the problem may lie with the process to paint them possibly acid dipping or heating to aid adhesion of paint has led to brittleness of spokes / nipples

????? anyone else ?????


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I've heard the same thing - that process is called anodisation.


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Anodisation "shouldn't" make a difference.... but I've come across several examples in industry where a different surface treatment seems to change the material properties underneath. Believe me, when it comes to rivets holding aircraft tailplanes together, it becomes A BIG PROBLEM.
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