Dunlop Raider ‘Project’


For those that know the show ‘Only Fools and Horses’ this bike is likely to become like Triggers broom!

I used to ride this bike to work every day in 2011 (a 12 mile round trip up n down some long hills). Needless to say, due to its weight, I got quite fit, quite fast! After being made redundant from an office job where I’d got close to 15st, within 6 months I was down to 12 and was eating to maintain! I should add I also had a physical job at this point so the bike wasn’t totally the reason!

Anyway, having only used a road bike now for several years, as I’ve recently moved to Doncaster, I considered getting an MTB to start exploring some of the ‘non roadbike’ rideable trails round here. At this point my mate reminded me he still had my trusty Dunlop sitting unused in his garage - I’d given it him for spares about 2 years ago before we moved as I hadn’t ridden it for about 5 years after upgrading.

So, ‘Betty’ as I’ve called her has some sentimental value to me - I’ve cleaned her up, a few tiny rust spots but I’ll sort those in time, put a new Shimano trigger shifter on for the rear - the stock gripshift was shot (and I hate them anyway!). Replaced rear inner tube with a Presta tube from one of my previous bikes, trued the front wheel which had a slight buckle and given her a general lube overhaul.

Considering it was a cheap bike back then (I think under £200 from Sports Direct) she has cleaned up well and rides great (apart from the weight!!) - although the full suspension gives a good smoothish ride!

My next job is to replace the wheels, gears (she only has 3x6), handlebars and seatpost (and possibly the cranks) to lighten her up a little. I’m planning to use her almost daily for hitting the trails or popping to the shops!

Not sure if this qualifies as a classic/vintage thread so apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong place!
If you are enjoying it then long may you continue to do so :bicycle:


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I think to call one of those "vintage" is stretching it a bit especially as it isn't even 10 years old, let alone 20/30/40+ but nonetheless if it works and rides OK then why not use it?
Riding a bike that weight will get you fit. It must be one of the few 26" MTBs that has the ability to make a 1980s Raleigh Mustang appear lightweight in comparison!
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