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Cyclingnews has an interesting report on a book about doping by a former Dutch team doctor. Amongst other things he says that small doses of EPO aren't dangerous and may even prevent serious harm to athletes in long events.

However, what's really interesting is his view of the current peloton:

Asked if he thought the peloton was cleaner now than ten years ago, he said: "There was a time in cycling that you could say what you wanted as a doctor, [the riders] still continued using [performance-enhancing substances]. That was until 2001 or 2002. After that, it became less and less. The riders know who's doing it. They tell me that cycling has never been as clean as now, but according to them there are still about 20 riders in the bunch that are especially 'prepared'."


Thanks FM, I'll have a look for that article. I know alot of cycling fans who reckon that every rider in the pro peloton is on the juice, so if it's really only 20 then it doesn't seem that bad.
Wouldn't it be great to know who the 20 odd are though? :smile:

rich p

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What happened about the other 3 riders who were going to be outed last week or did I miss something?
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