DVD Copier, SCSI hard drives, Lenove Docking station!

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Hello all

Selling a few bits!

Wryton DVD Copier 1 to 3 - Standalone Unit £100.00 (ish)

Originally bought a year ago for about £290.00 for a small copy run and not used since! This is a standalone unit built with 4 Pioneer DVD writers. The first drive reads the disc and makes 3 copies simultaneously. No computer etc needed. Very easy to use. Does NOT copy protected disks. Can make 3 copies of a 4GB single sided disk in around 12 minutes and 3 CDs in around 2 to 3 minutes. Solid heavy cream coloured metal case. I no longer have the box. Would prefer buyer to collect as it may cost a good few quid to post. Anyone interested let me know and I will send any pictures if needed or any further info!

HP U320 10K 300GB SCSI hard drives - Price negotiable!

Brand new and sealed in anti static packaging. Left over as part of server build project I was involved in. I was given the equipment as payment for the job. I have 4 in total. Retail prices are usually between £350.00 to £450.00 each while around £250.00 on Fleabay. Prices are certainly negotiable.

Lenovo X200 docking station - Price negotiable!

Purchased in error by me. Turned out not to be compatible with my particular model of laptop and I had left it too long to return to the shop. Brand new and comes with CD/DVD drive and new a/c adaptor. Retails for around £150.00 and that is without the CD/DVD drive and a/c adaptor.
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