DVLA couldn't make it up!

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The State Automobile of the Byegad estate was replaced two weeks ago, the petrol tank was empty so a new vehicle was purchased.

DVLA promptly refunded the outstanding month's VED left on the car. It only took a few days to arrive, very efficient I thought.

Today DVLA wrote again, twice......
Letter one, in the order the butler opened them, was an acknowledgement that I was no longer responsible for the vehicle.
Letter two, was a reminder that the old car's VED was due at the end of the month.

A classic case of bureaucracy not letting the facts get in the way of due process.


The VED reminders are computer generated (and usually dated) some time before they are sent out so some "crossing" is inevitable.

I had a similar experience but looked at the "generation dates" on the two letters and the reminder was dated prior to the other one.


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I've sold about 10 vehicles in my time, and only had "no longer registered keeper" letters for about half of them. I also didn't get the remaining VED back on my previous car I part-exchanged. It wasn't a lot but still not the point. Having been on a motorcycle forum years ago, the stories of incompitency you hear would turn your trousers. In fact, half of them still don't seem to know the difference between a CBT, A2, A1 and A license
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