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walker said:
At what height is someone classified a dwarf? is it 4ft or 5ft? I can't find anything on it

It's on the top shelf.


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The average adult height of male and females with dwarfism is 132cm and 123cm respectively. The average weight of an adult may range from 100 to 150 pounds (45-68 kg).

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Colne, Lancs
i believe that it's smaller than 4 feet 10 inches, although the meaning varies, as it encompasses a good few medical conditions under one banner. Isn't little people now the correct terminology?
Lord of the Teapot said:
Doctors wanted to give my son growth hormones due to his small hight. I said no. He is now around 5ft 7 or 8inch. ;)

Well that bu88ered his career in basketball!


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Dayvo said:
Don't know! And I'm not going to apologise, so there! ;)

If you're a short-ar$e and got a chip on your shoulder, well grow up!

Anyway, I'm 5' 5" and a bit!

If I can't laugh, who can?

5'5" is small but you're no dwarf. If Cycle Chat does have any dwarf readers then they would, quite rightly, be mortally offended by being called "little bastards". On their behalf I must ask you to apologise for your obscene comment. Let's face it, this is no better, no worse and no more acceptable than coming out with "black bastards" or "Muslim/Jewish bastards".
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