Early 80's mountain bike


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I've got the Muddy Fox Pathfinder I bought from new back in 1985, complete with original receipt. Bone original still on original tyres and excellent condition. In 2 minds whether to let it go (I need the space but don'y think I'd get much for it and its of sentimental value - blew my student grant on it!!). Not sure what price these fetch now.

Funny how radical they looked then but now look like they're built by B&Q:biggrin:


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sunny Leicester
Hi Wobbles, I'd be interested if you'd like to move it on.

One day Cyclemagic will have a huge new building and part of it will be a museum of cycling. My musum (coz that is what it will be) will be more about who rode the bikes and why - so including your MTB with the story of how/why you bought it would be brilliant.

You can email me off site via cyclemagic@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like.

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