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Hi, does anyone have a route for a charity ride from Edinburgh St Andrews Square to London Trafalgar Square. A number of us are looking to leave Aug. 18 and arrive Aug. 22. Looking for something that will build in overnight stops, avoids major A roads wherever possible and is scenic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many Tks, Tim


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Welcome. There is a fairly well known route from Dalkeith to Lea Valley that you might turn up on a few mapping sites (search for LEL or London-Edinburgh-London). I've still got the GPX files from the 2009 ride if you want them. Its about 434 miles, so will fit into a 5 day schedule quite neatly.

Failing that, try here for a charity route: http://www.cycle-route.com/routes/Edinburgh_to_London_Charity_Leg_1-Cycle-Route-2238.html


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Hi all - I have just registered to this site. I am planning a Edinburgh to London ride next April to concide with me finishing the tour by running the London Marathon. Any help with regards the route would be most welcome. I presume people tend to camp on the way down? Many thanks for any advice that comes my way! Frazer


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Hallo and welcome :biggrin:

This is not really the best place for asking questions, the Welcome Mat is really just for saying hello. If you put your question in Touring and Expedition you will get more reads and replies. ;)

That said, the NCN 1 goes vaguely past St Andrews Square (although the signage in central Edinburgh is fairly poor) and will get you most of the way to London via quite roads (although it is not the most direct route), but I couldn't tell you how to get into London. You could have a look at the NCN 1 route then decide where you want to jump off and ask from directions in commuting, as there is bound to be someone who commutes that way...
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