Electric (pedal assist) moped/scooter.


'E-rider' electric moped/scooter. Has pedals too and can be ridden on the battery power alone, the pedals alone or both for a bit of a boost. 23km/h (15mph in proper money) and according to the blurb on eBay (where they're £1,695 new) they can be ridden without MOT, tax or insurance and that includes kids of 14 years of age or older. Also found here...


This has hardly been used at all (think less than 2 miles) and I bought it really just because I don't know why! I already have a 'proper' electric scooter, numerous cycles, two petrol scooters and a fleet of terrible cars.

There are a couple of small sort of 'storage marks' on it, nothing too alarming at all though and it's open to any inspection you like including of course a test ride. The top box lock disintegrated but it still looks shut, wouldn't leave anything valuable in there mind.

Two sets of keys and two remote fobs come with it.

I'm after £595 for it, they do seem to go for more on the dreaded internet auction site, so hopefully it represents a fair price. Sensible/close offers when you've viewed it, not before. Please don't bother with all that 'BEST PRICE 4 CASH?' type stuff.

I'm in Chester, Cheshire and could deliver fairly cheaply within reason (i.e not 100 miles) but only providing you've viewed and paid for it first.





eBay link to the new ones...

In the nicest possible way I think you would have more chance of success if you allowed offers before the viewing. I would personally not travel any significant distance to view an item like that unless I knew exactly what I was going to spend. Also from your point of view, you don't really want people test riding it then not being able to agree on a price thus wasting your time.


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I would say Cavalol is right. Many are not familiar with this type of machine so a test ride is really essential to know if it suits. The guide price is there and once decided the buyer can haggle.
Seems like a good buy for that money. An idea of range might be worth while.
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Thank you both.

Sleuthy, I totally understand what you're saying, it's just that in my experience who make offers before viewing generally don't view, their offer is hopeless, or they hope to chip you down further upon arrival. It's pretty pointless making offers before you've seen something, you may not like it upon arrival, or it's not as advertised.

I would honestly say anyone asking what the best price is or making offers before viewing is 99% probably going to be a time waster who's watched too much Bargain Hunt and knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

That possibly seems like a big rant at you, I promise you it's not, just bitter life experience.
It would go without saying anyone who's interested can view and test ride without obligation, it's the only way it really should work, imho.
Again please don't think I'm having a go at you, I really am not.
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