Eleven flipping years....


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You'd get less for murder.


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
@Fab Foodie did you get a trophy? :wahhey:
I never saw a post from Fabbers about cyclists not waving.

No, he doesn't get a trophy.


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[QUOTE 5299182, member: 259"]I've given up on it. We wore unsuitable clothing, took no liquids other than light ales pinched from my mate's dad's
pub but we were happy[/QUOTE]
I worked through the summer at a Garage, polishing new cars for the August 1 delivery then cleaning/valeting those taken in PX as well as my usual Saturday duties there. Mind you I had fun of an evening with a bottle of Cider, 20 fags and the 'company' of a few young ladies. :becool:

Plus I'd finally got hold of my Cousins Carlton after only being able to borrow it for odd days previously. :biggrin: :bicycle: :becool:
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