Dunno if you've an introduction bit or even care for one, but here I am anyway.

Might hang around for a while if that's OK wiv yous lot?



Über Member
Hi Simon, welcome aboard :smile:

Just a bot of background for you, I'm the sane one, the rest on here are frickin weirdo's!! Just don't say that I let on, our little secret, just humour them.
Hmmm, name sounds familiar....<rubs chin>
Ex C+ by any chance?


I shouldn't really be here, as I've not been on a bike for ages, but I'm thinking of getting a new one coz I'm soon to be 40 and me tum's getting fatter and my legs are getting thinner (or is it that they just look thinner compared to the rest of me?).

Had a looky at C+ for some info, found it'd changed and managed to find a thread where all the regulars were moaning about how carp it was and talking about this 'ere place.


How do.

I was enjoying your Ben Harper compilation again recently. Have you got to grips with Roy Buchanan or the more advanced Dead yet?
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