Endurance Road Bike for around £1000


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Hello there.

As the title suggests, I am looking for my first road bike around the £1000 price mark. I have previously ridden MTB and Hybrid, but would like to get into road cycling. I am around 6ft tall and 15.5 stone currently, a little overweight if I have to be honest. Road cycling has interested for me sometime now and I really want to get out there and sort myself out a little.

I am looking at something with a relaxed approach, as comfortable as possible, and a decent spec if the budget allows. I have been pointed towards the endurance category which do seem to tick the boxes for me. I like the idea of a more upright position and I know for sure that racing is not what I am after.

I appreciate there are lots of choices out there and to be honest I'm getting lost. I would really a 105 setup, and am tempted towards discs if possible. I have been trying to find something with hydraulic discs, but I know this will push things up on the price point.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me, to something which would suit the kind of thing I am after.

Thank you very much and I appreciate the help in advance.



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Unfortunately you’re going to struggle to get your preferred spec new for your budget. Something like this but £1300

availability Is also very low so you may have to wait, for the Ribble until 1 November. There are just v few bikes for sale right now

An alternative would be looking for used (you’ll pay more than you would have 9 months ago but it’ll still be less than new and you won’t have to wait)
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