Eneco Tour

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Racing is back on Eurosport, Wednesday at 14:30 , Eneco Tour 8 days through Belgium and the Netherlands. Well pleased:smile:

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
Unfortunately I told TopUp TV to 'shove it' when they started to cut back on their service without any reduction in fees. In the end, Eurosport wasn't even availble during the day on their 'enhanced', and more expensive alternative TopUp Anytime.

I managed okay with ITV4 on Freeview for the TdF, but now I'm going to have to sort something out to get Eurosport once again. It looks like competition and free enterprise has given me no choice but to give the Rupert Murdoch monopoly money so I can watch a channel (IIRC) that is funded by the European Broadcast Union. Great.
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