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Suzhou, China
Hi All

I'm Eddie, originally from Colchester (I'm an Essex boy) - fled from the recession last year and I'm now working full-time in China. My usual cycling includes a 6km round trip from my flat to office and back Monday-Friday, plus usually at least one longer ride at the weekend. I currently have 4 bikes:-
1. Commuter (Giant FCR 1.0) - my commuting 24-speed hybrid, gets me from A-B quickly. This is in my profile pic but has since been commutified with mudguards, saddle-bag, front/rear lights, computer etc.
2. Roadie (Specialized Allez 18) - never did road-biking back in the UK (I had a Dawes Discovery) but as there's some good quiet countryside roads within 30 minutes of my flat I like to get out on the weekends and explore at high-speed. No sportives or anything around here but it's good for the open road, not so good for riding around the city (mainly due to high bike-theft rate and poor roads).
3. Old hack (Yongjiu Mens Roadster) - absolute bargain picked up from the local bike market for 300 yuan (30 quid), based upon an old 1950s Raleigh design right down to the rod-pull brakes, sprung leather saddle (not Brooks) and 20kg pig-iron frame!
4. Scooter (Chinese-made Vespa style electric scooter) - e-bikes are very popular in China - mostly use this for either when I'm feeling lazy, or when I'm going out with the G/F, although I'll probably sell it soon because it's a waste of space and as my G/F is now into cycling i have no real use for it.

Hopefully I can get some more pics up soon and I can bore you all to death with my rants about Chinese taxi drivers and ridiculous pot-holed cycle lanes which are constantly blocked by parked cars and errant pedestrians...


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Hi & :sad:


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Hi,welcome to you China
I get knocked down ... but I get up again

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Hi Eddie, as Dayvo has said I'm currently in China so let me know where you are situated and we can talk over the PM system or if lucky actually meet each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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