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when I purchased my bike it was on sale for less than £1300 so I insured the cycle for £1400 to include any accessories. the replacement value of the bike is now £1550.

I have just noticed this on the ETA insurance website under exclusions
"Claims where the sum insured is less than the replacement value of the pedal cycle inclusive of any extra accessories. Note: The purpose of this exclusion is to prevent pedal cycles from being part/under-insured."

does this mean that I have to up the insurance value amount to £1550 and then get a gold sold secure lock to go with it, as over £1500 insurance needs gold.


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I had this discussion about my home insurance - apparently, if you are under insured based on your / a loss adjuster's valuation, the claim can be refused - so yes, I'd up the value as required


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thanks that is what i thought. I hate insurance companies always adding items to policies to make it easier for them to not pay out

also now if I raise the value I will have to pay about £20 increase on the insurance premium (which is already £113) and then buy a sold secure gold lock, as the one I have at the moment is only silver.

i think i might just cancel altogether as i don't leave it anywhere locked up for extended period of time anyway.


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I think he meant for you ro put the bike on your home insurance. I tried ETA for a short amount of time then left as i checked the small print. I would be paying for somthing that i have a good chance of not reciving a pay out on eg if the moon was in the west when bike got nicked.



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She meant...get it covered on your home insurance, away from home...won't be as much but the excess may well be higher - cost me £34 to add an £800 bike
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