European Car hire

Just check the car carefully at handover, noting any issues and taking pics on your phone if necessary, and do the same again when you hand it back.
And don't be afraid to insist that even the most trivial damage that you find when you accept the car gets recorded on the rental documents if it's not alredy noted.

If they have missed it themselves, then you don't want them suddenly discovering it when you bring the car back and blaming you.
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My advice would be to use Manchester based rental

The deals are always good, support staff very helpful and you know what you're paying for. If things go badly wrong you're dealing with a UK company which is far simpler.

Personally I wouldn't touch a cheap deal at the airport and you risk it turning out to be far from cheap. You're walking in to a minefield. Book in the UK before you leave knowing exactly what your costs are.
Had a quick look thanks,same car is almost 50 quid more.Cheapest on comparison site is 100 quid where these are 150.I know cheapest isn't allways best but I can't see any difference with the details,insurance ect.Thanks
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