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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Adam4868, 11 Jun 2019.

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    And don't be afraid to insist that even the most trivial damage that you find when you accept the car gets recorded on the rental documents if it's not alredy noted.

    If they have missed it themselves, then you don't want them suddenly discovering it when you bring the car back and blaming you.
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  2. OP

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    Had a quick look thanks,same car is almost 50 quid more.Cheapest on comparison site is 100 quid where these are 150.I know cheapest isn't allways best but I can't see any difference with the details,insurance ect.Thanks
  3. Dm800

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    or it might be worth buying an annual policy.....e.g.

    Ive used in Spain,Italy and Australia and accepted by rental companies. Never had to claim so can't comment on if you had an issue.
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