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Velo, boulot, dodo
Bit of fire behind where I work in Hemel Hempstead. Got to stand around in my shirtsleeves for a while, then into a cafe for a bit. Eventually we realised we weren't getting back onsite in a hurry so taxis were organised to get people home.

Didn't have my keys or phone or anything useful on me except my wallet since I was away from my desk working elsewhere when the alarm went off. Glad I had some cash, got the train back. The Landlord works on the premises during the day and he had a key for the flat.

It was some sorta recycling facility, don't have any details. Fair bit of black smoke and lots of pops'n'bangs.

Gonna hafta get the bus tomorrow.


Presumably http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/beds/bucks/herts/7149605.stm this one?

Bummer. Lucky the landlord was around otherwise it would have been really annoying.
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