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Ok, we've had the thread on Halfords.

What of Evans, who are the other big chain?

I'm looking at road bikes, and they seem to have the largest range, but how's their set up reputation?
Especially as I would like to have something in time for a tour of the Netherlands in a month's time, and don't want wheels falling apart (as I saw one guy on the Norwich 100, with a brand new Spesh), for example.
Any horror stories?
Any particularly good feedback?
Ta, in advance!


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I bought my Specialized mountain bike from them (Birmingham branch) last August and it's still going strong after 1300+ miles. Had the usual 5 week free service from new and I noticed they had regreased the seatpost etc so have had no problems with them personally.

I typically do 20 - 40 miles week and nothing has fell apart so far, set up was spot on from new.


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i've generally had very good experiences with Evans...

you need to price match everything but they will always honour it, but convenient, generally knowledgeable (I mainly go to the one in Chiswick) and have a reasonable amount of stuff in there for an all round shop.

they will let you test ride bikes and if you like the look of one that they dont have in, you can order it for £50, test it and if you dont like it, you will be refunded. At least that is how it was last year...

just keep an eye on the prices!


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No problems with my local Evans team at the Chill Factor,very helpful team even when i needed help whilst suffering serious knee pain on the Severn crossing !!
Just wish my Cycle to work voucher could be used with them as opposed Halfords,but no probs because i tend to use them for everything else.


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I had a problem with one of my online orders, First shipment went missing & had to wait 3 weeks before they considered it lost.

When I finally got the order it was wrong!

Basically, marketing had one product on the web (Grangers 30 degree cleaner) & purchasing were buying another (Grangers 30 degree baselayer cleaner).

Took a day or so for them to work out what had happened but it got sorted in the end. Got to keep the baselayer cleaner & they gave me a voucher as a refund.

Also had a Genuine Innovations track pump from them (mail order again) that went faulty. Took it back to the store & got it swapped for a Topeak Joe Blow that they price matched their web price on.

All in all very happy.

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Have only used Evans in Reading who have repaired my bike and they have been absolutely brilliant in terms of their customer service. I'm picking it up this morning so will see how it feels but I'm not expecting any issues.


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Manchester Deansgate - Evans are AMAZING, would never have second thoughts buying anything from there !

Manchester CHILL Factor-E - NEVER EVER AGAIN !


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Communication in the Glasgow branch is terrible. Ordered a bike, waited 4 weeks and they still didn't know where it was and neglected to tell me. Cancelled the order. It's a shame because I really liked the shop and the assistants were really friendly and helpful.


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gb155 said:
Manchester Deansgate - Evans are AMAZING, would never have second thoughts buying anything from there !

Manchester CHILL Factor-E - NEVER EVER AGAIN !
Deansgate is good aswell but strange how you have had probs at the Chill factor store,they have been brilliant with me at both

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the one off Fenchurch Street - good

Rathbone place - very good. Track pump outside.

London Bridge - decidedly 'meh'. Found the staff aloof, bored and indifferent. Won't be back.

The new big one behind Oxford Circus - didn't buy anything but the staff were all over me to help me out.


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Never had any trouble at Evans and they are expensive but want your business. You'll always get at least 10% discount on full-priced bikes and gear so open your mouth and ask them what dizzy they'll give and suggest they give you more.
Had a bit of attitude once with a guy...im sure that was him in there today...when I wanted to get a wheel built up...he treated me like a total numpty...Ironically im having a fixie wheel built up by Evans and went in there today like a total gimp unprepared but the bloke behind the till was very good about it...I know I want strengthened spokes as well but unsure about the rest.:biggrin:

99% of the time they have been fine but I must be prepared with a plan for what I want made up next time.:blush:


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Had some cracking deals at evans with their price matching recently, saved £105 on a bike for my sons birthday (his first road bike) £80 on light and motion front lights £20 on shimano pedals. I find them a day or 2 slower than wiggle etc but if your saving £ i dont mind the wait.


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Returned to them some Endura MT500 over shoes that fell apart after a month - stitching came apart and one of the zips broke. This was in mid December. It was very wet and very cold. My feet suffered. Had to wait until end of January before they sent me another pair as they said the over shoes had to go back to Endura to be inspected (WTF I had only had them a month!). When they sent a replacement pair they gave me nothing for the £3.30 postage it cost me to return the faulty ones which INFRINGED my statutory rights as a consumer. When an item is faulty or not as described you are entitled to all reasonable costs that stem from that breach. Return postage costs is one of them. So haven't bought anything from them since. Anyway they are far too expensive.
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